Tomato Vegan Sausage Pasta


We cannot get rid of this cold weather in Chicago it is April 9th, and we woke up with snow on our cars. What gives!? I can’t wait until warmer weather and light and refreshing meals! For now, we will deal and enjoy this cozy Creamy Tomato Vegan Sausage Pasta. It is really good. And super […]

April 9, 2018

Vegan Roasted Beet Pasta


TOMORROW IS VALENTINE’S DAY! If you’re in a frantic, without dinner plans with your girls, guys, or loved one… WE GOT YOU. We have said that from day one! This vegan roasted beet pasta will WOW your significant other. And since it’s a beet, it’s pink! Hot pink roasted beet pasta! How great is that?! […]

February 13, 2018

Simple Vegan Pesto Pasta


Guys. We love pasta. OKAY. THERE. WE SAID IT. But Vegan Pesto Pasta! BAM! Almost once a week we have a meal that consists of a pasta. We change it up of course. Our favorites are orzo, macaroni, penne, and so on. But pasta dishes can get a little boring if all you’re adding is […]

February 1, 2018