Get to Know The Vegans

HI! We are David and Veronica! We began the vegan lifestyle around the end of July 2017. Boy, has it been a journey. We met through work and soon began to date there after.

Although, upon meeting new people, they always jump to the conclusion we persuaded the other to change their diets. Nope! We both began to eat vegan at the same time, together. We don’t think we could have done it without the other. It’s easier than it seems, promise!



Yo, what’s good?! Thanks for stopping by! I love my life – I have a great family, beautiful girlfriend, and a career as a media/music management executive that I love!

Throughout the day, I work brands of all sizes that are looking for advertising as well as manage an extremely talented MC! It keeps me busy and on-the-go, on my phone making deals and making sure they come together. I am obsessed with what I do and it takes a lot of mental and physical stamina, so becoming a vegan has given me so much energy throughout the 24 hours I have and make them count!

As a Chicago native, what excites me about being a newer vegan is that I am getting to know my city in an entirely new way! Now when I’m meeting with a client, I can seek out a new spot I’ve never had that has great vegan options.

When I’m not brainstorming with my team on campaign hashtags or booking my artist for a tour, you can find me watching sports (live or on TV), listening to the newest music, eating more than my fair portion of Veronica’s and my snacks (Sorry?) or traveling with her and my family!


HII! Residing in Chicago for just over 3.5 years, what’s not to love?! Not too much to complain about beside the super cold winters and the annoying traffic! Chicago has brought me so much happiness, its a great city! I have an amazing job where I get to do what I love, an amazing boyfriend, and friends who have become family! I moved to Chicago soon after graduating from Purdue University.

My 9-5 job (Which actually isn’t 9-5 LOL) covers a lot of areas. I shoot concerts and shows. I film interviews that take place on the radio. I send out eblasts. I create funny memes. I design graphics for print as well as social media. I do so many more things it’d be tough to list!

When I’m not shooting a rap show or interviewing the next pop star, you can find me cooking, trying new spots to eat at, sipping wine, netflixing, or exploring the city, with of course, David by my side.