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Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

David and I got the VIP experience at one of our favorite falafel places down the street, I Dream of Falafel, or IDOF.

David had tried falafel once or twice before being vegan, but I had not. Once we decided to go vegan, we kind of stumbled upon it and thought it was the greatest thing ever! It’s seriously so good. We tell everyone about it when we get the chance.

IDOF is perfect for a quick bite or sit down dinner with bae!

Falafel is an easy go to for people who are eating vegan too. You can have it different ways, a wrap, bowl, plate, or pita.

IDOF is literally amazing. We’ve been a number of times and they have never disappointed. The staff is super nice, the restaurant is always spottless, and the food is even better. The falafel is hot and the vegetables are fresh!

We have had a few other falafel places here and there, and IDOF by far surpasses those places. Their falafel are the perfect sized pieces, the inside is smooth and tasty, with the perfect hint of spice, while the outside is browned to perfection with a perfect crunch. *Cue Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”…

They have a lot of options for everyone. Below you can you see the humus options and sides that include chickpeas, couscous, rice, spinach, and much more.

Bases & Sides

Toppings include cucumbers & tomatoes, pepperchinos, olives, turnips and so much more!


The location we visit is on Belmont in Chicago. An upbeat, modern neighborhood, and the store lives up to that essence as well. From the wall art to the fun wooded art pieces, it is well lit and comfortable with couches, booths and high tables.

David and I loaded our plates all the way up. (Yes, I just made a Fat Joe reference)

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Have you been to IDOF? If not, GO! You will not be disappointed. Let us know when you do! If interested, we also have our own falafel recipe here.

David was showing the intense green inside of a falafel, I was trying to eat it.

Easy, Tasty, Vegan!

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