Bienvenido a Miami + Few Places to Eat While There!

Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

WOW! Sorry for being absent, the last few weeks have been a combination of traveling, sleeping, catching up, everything!


Guess what song that first part of the title is…

So, over the holiday break we were able to travel to Miami! Talk about wonderful! We were there for about 6 days or so. We stayed in a quaint AirBnB in Wynwood.

The neighborhood of Wynwood is an art district. Lots of murals, everywhere independent artist, sidewalks covered with quotes. It was very cool.

Now, the weather… The weather was amazing. 75-80 degrees everyday. Literally no complaints.

Our first day we got to Miami, we did a little bit of exploring and found this little place to eat. The name of it was called the lunch box. It was an earth friendly place with some great plant-based options!

Here is a bowl I had. It’s very interesting but super good. It had tofu, squash, quinoa, heart of palm, kale, walnuts, avocado, and edamame. I could barely eat the whole thing!

Since we stayed in an AirBnB we had access to a kitchen. So we went to the grocery store to get some items to cook at home! We did mostly simple quick options. One thing we did was the chickpea pasta. You can find the recipe here.

Towards the end of the trip we stumbled upon this outdoors test kitchen area. It was a bunch of people who served their food… and continuously changed and altered their menus to accommodate how they feel their customers react.

We were able to find a perfect spot. It was sort of like a build your own bowl.

I think I just discovered a new meaning to BYOB… LOL.

Anyways, the place was called Della Test Kitchen. This is how you ordered: You pick a base, protein, veggie, sauce, and a boost. Here is the official website. I HIGHLY suggest you go while in Miami. It’s a must!

Here is a photo of all our bowls. They were all so delicious looking. Look to come on the blog each of these recipes and how to make them at home!

Anyways, Miami was a blast. It sucked to come back to the single digit weather here in Chicago. The rest of the holiday break was a breeze. We saw each others families relaxed, it was great!

For NYE, we took it easy. For one it was way too cold to do anything. And two… well we were not on top of things to plan anything haha. We ended up just grabbing some sushi at one of our favorite spots. PRO TIP: When a restaurant limits the amount of wine you bring for you plus one, bring a boxed wine, which holds about 4 bottle ;).. You’re welcome.

Then that night, we watched some standup Dave Chappelle and sipped some champagne while bringing in the new year.

We are super excited for this year. We have so much planned for the blog!


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